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What You'll Get As A Member

Join our community and gain more freedom, energy, health & happiness.

Breath Work

Find your inner drug store & learn to master your emotions.

Quantum Hypnosis

Release trauma and become the director of your own life.


Overcome stress, build resiliance & connect with your heart space.


Learn how to come into flow and go beyond your mental & physical limits.

Cold Endurance

Train your cardio-vascular system to release more energy & boost your immune system.


Weekly LIVE Q&A

Join Marcel & Anicha Live every week. Ask questions and receive guidance & support on your journey.

Lets Go Deeper!

All members get FREE access to our monthly workshop 'THE DEEPENING'.

The Deepening

Join our monthly intensive workshop where we go deeper with the breathing and the hypnosis and heart meditation.
releasing old programming, stories, traumas and anxieties behind and choosing a new story, new way, new energy from freedom, playfulness and authenticity.

Meet Marcel Hof...

Marcel Hof trained for 25 years together with Wim Hof(Iceman)in nature exploring the boundaries of Physical and mental possibilities.  After almost dying under the Ice, he discovered what total surrender is, and slowly from then everything changed. Now from the insight of what he calls the formless form, he began working with this principle, and seeing the life force, which is love in every one and every body. Marcel works also with Hypnosis, Attention, Focus, trance and voice, to heighten the vibration and always works from Intuition what is needed in the moment. With absolute trust that all knowledge is already here, that what comes up, is that what has to be told.

Marcel Hof

Marcel Hof

- Marcel Hoff Method

Anicha image

Anicha Vos

Anicha Vos

- Marcel Hoff Method

Meet Anicha Vos...

Anicha started giving art-therapy since 1997 and became a dance and Raja Yoga teacher around 2005. 
Anicha qualified in 2006 to teach the life work of Drunvalo Melchezedec combined with HeartMath and Imagery giving 4 day Heart workshops.
She taught many Access Consiousness classes for 5 years till 2019.
March 2019 Anicha became a Creatrix Transformologist bringing out innate knowing and solving blocks and generational issues.
In April 2019 Anicha was trained to give The Richards Trauma Proces using ao Hypnosis to help her clients solve the issues of past trauma and distressing events.

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